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We provide practical and strategic solutions that enhance the effectiveness of employee absence, productivity, and learning programs

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Targeted Human Resource Solutions Led by Domain Experts

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Axis Insights helps companies attract, retain, and engage their workforce by providing specialized Human Resource solutions. Many small to mid-size companies need additional technical and domain expertise to perform at their best. Our specific skills have helped clients rebuild employee training programs, including developing robust curricula and content to up/reskill their workforce. We also bring industry-leading expertise in the field of absence management to our clients, including a range of unique services such as internal training for H.R. and leaders, program/vendor governance, compliance solutions, data and analytics, research, technology evaluation, and so much more.

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The ever-changing regulatory environments and marketplace demands produce considerable challenges and opportunities for absence management providers. Insurance carriers and Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) continue expanding their products and services to satisfy these demands, but the required investment costs are considerable and significantly impact the financial results your organization. 

Axis Insights’ unique experience, perspectives, and understanding of how to launch and deliver differentiated services to customers via Carrier and TPA solutions allow us to support your prioritization of resources and ability to execute the strategies that satisfy your business goals across examination of product/service expansion opportunities, development of integrated and actionable reporting, facilitation of operational reviews and quality assessments, establishing connections to global service delivery resources, refining and designing robust learning and development solutions, leading customer experience reviews, conducting technology effectiveness assessments, and completing independent market research.

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 Our team of business professionals are armed with the education and on-the-job experience to create poignant strategies for your success.

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If you are curious about contemporary Human Resource topics such as  absence management or employee learning and development strategies, connect with us for our latest business knowledge and insights

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