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Analytics Tools to Inform
+ Grow Business

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We have an ongoing collaboration with esteemed AI and machine learning provider, AC Infotech. Their proven solutions give us access to insights needed to analyze current and past performance in order to impact future growth. See how these tools, along with Axis’ support, can help make absence management more efficient.



TimeBound is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered business intelligence platform. It uses Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to generate predictive and prescriptive data analytics. It’s an unparalleled us- er-friendly and cost-effective solutions that allows businesses to analyze data from multiple real-time and historical data sources.

It is an open, modular, and extensible platform that offers rich visuals, meaningful dashboards, reports, enterprise scheduling, ad-hoc reports, and AI/ML enabled self-service data analytics for business users. This in-turn helps drive better intelligence, decision making and customer experience.

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Measuring business conversations, email threads and contracts can be challenging and time consum- ing. CanString Analyzer provides highly customized analysis and audit based on your criteria. Which can vary for each of your customers, products, vendors or suppliers. Key word insight is critical but only delivers true value when combined with the overall emotion and sentiment of the entire conversion. This is the unique value proposition of our AI powered analyzer.