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We believe strategy is informed by data. That’s why we have an ongoing collaboration with esteemed AI and machine learning provider, AC Infotech. Their proven solutions give us access to insights needed to analyze current and past performance in order to impact future growth. See how these tools, along with Axis Insights’ support, can help make absence management more efficient and effective.



TimeBound is an AI-driven platform designed to link and evaluate data from all your absence management resources, regardless of the data source. This empowers you to strategically analyze, forecast, and create programs that minimize risks related to absenteeism. TimeBound offers an unmatched, user-friendly, and cost-efficient solution, enabling businesses to analyze information from multiple real-time and historical data sources.

It offers rich visuals, meaningful dashboards, reports, enterprise scheduling, ad-hoc reports, and AI/ML enabled self-service data analytics for business users. This in-turn helps drive better intelligence, decision making and customer experience.

TimeBound currently boasts 5k+ active users, delivers 60k+ reports per week, and provides an average of 30% cost savings in comparison to the support and maintenance expenses associated with other similar software solutions. This tool offers unprecedented access to meaningful data, granting organizations valuable insight into the impact absenteeism has on their business.

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Comprehending customer and employee sentiment is crucial for business success. However, analyzing calls, email threads, and survey results can be daunting, time-consuming, and expensive. CanString analyzer offers highly personalized analysis and auditing – from identifying keywords and evaluating emotions, to translating multiple languages and automating call quality auditing.

Unlike traditional call centers that review only a small portion of calls, CanString enables you to analyze ALL communication for performance, presenting the results in a user-friendly interface. Gaining insight from keywords is essential, but it's most valuable when combined with the overall emotion and sentiment of the entire conversation. This unique feature sets CanString apart as an AI-powered analyzer.

Customer experience is of utmost importance. With the ability to quantify and validate user experiences, you can now design initiatives that boost your organization's chances for success.

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Bringing it All Together 

Axis Insights works closely with you throughout the entire process. Our customized approach enables us to assist you in choosing the appropriate tools, ensuring their optimal utilization through tactical configurations, and analyzing the data for long-term strategic execution.


Take a look at our other consulting services. 

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