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Research can be time-consuming and resource-draining for any organization. Axis Insights is here to assist. Beyond data collection, our research specialists can conduct robust analysis and deliver meaningful and actionable data. We take a data-driven approach to all our business decisions, including research. We employ a diverse team of domain experts who specialize in absence management and have extensive data analysis experience. We have experience harvesting and interpreting qualitative and quantitative data and then translating it into a plan that delivers measurable results. 


Beyond consulting engagements, Axis Insights offers customers TimeBound, a modern business intelligence platform. It provides simplified technology solutions to connect and analyze data from multiple real-time and historical data sources. Timebound offers rich visuals, meaningful dashboards, reports, ad-hoc, and self-service data analytics for non-technical business users.


TimeBound has an user-friendly interface paired with key features to help give you big picture and detailed data points. TimeBound's architecture is secure, scalable, reliable, open, and extensible. Its key features allow business users to easily create dashboard reports from multiple data sources, including Big Data and mashup data with their own data set. The application even allows users to review reports using social media functionalities like sharing, commenting and quality rating.


Let's have a conversation about your reporting and analytics needs.

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