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Learning + Development

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We deliver targeted modules and programs in multiple formats aimed at solving practical business challenges. At the core of this awareness lies the foundational origins of Axis Insights. Many organizations lack the resources necessary to properly cultivate talent or maintain compliance due to uncompromising and ever-changing regulations, and contemporary practices in Human Resources. Axis Insights provides the connection between the best principles of education and business.


Leadership + Management

Executive Coaching, Motivation, Organizational Change, Ethics, Decision Making


Employment Law + Compliance

Compliance Guidance, Policy & Handbooks, Risk Mitigation, HR, Management & Employee Regulatory & Benefit Awareness

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Absence Management

Program Administration

Family & Medical Leave, Paid Family Leave, Short & Long Term Disability, Flexible Work Arrangements, Time Away from Work, Program Design, Vendor Selection & Governance


Soft + Technical Skills

Emotional Intelligence, Problem Solving, Collaboration, Creativity, Persuasion & Teamwork

Need A Specialized Approach?


Our consulting services allow us to provide customized solutions based on your organizational needs. 

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