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Product Development
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For years, absence management has been slug-

gish in developing and introducing new products

to market. Regulations didn’t cause considerable

turmoil, so naturally, technology was disruptive. It

created opportunities but did not necessarily

change the core products needed for effective ab-

sence programs. Today, it's a whole new game.

The regulatory environment changes constantly

and places new compliance demands on employ-

ers. The rapid pace of technology including robot-

ics and artificial intelligence are not only creating

ways to streamline the delivery of services, but

also generate new and exciting products that sat-

isfy the needs of the increasingly diverse work-

force. At Axis Insights, we are passionate about

product development and innovation. See how

we’re uniquely positioned to support you.



Remember how excited we all were when we in- troduced FMLA as a new product? After years of only providing disability administration, we finally

had an opportunity to provide a broader and more

strategic solution to help satisfy the needs of our

customers. Then, things went dark again for sev-

eral years. Yes, there was some experimentation integrating ancillary health programs, but nothing escalated until ADA administration recently in- creased. It was a bit scary, but it helped ensure we had a suite of services that satisfied the needs of

our customers. Now just a few years and a pan-

demic later, products are rolling out faster than

ever. Paid family leave, day one, leave planning,

workforce planning, pandemic, parental, voluntary

integration, and we haven’t even gotten to the op-

portunities that technology provides us. Innovation

is at the heart of our experience at Axis Insights.

Let us utilize our expertise to differentiate your

portfolio of products.

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